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How to Hook Up on Spring Break

Ah, springtime. When the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, and a young coed's thoughts turn to steamy hook ups.


  • Step 1: Pick a fun, popular destination Pick a fun, popular destination. No one is going to a cornfield in Iowa for spring break—go to where the party is!
  • TIP: According to one survey, the top three spring break picks for 2007 were, in order, Panama City, Florida; Cancun, Mexico; and South Padre Island, Texas.
  • Step 2: Invest in new clothes Invest in some new clothes. Girls, pack your cutest bathing suits and a sarong; guys, take along a few nice shirts.
  • TIP: For girls: Look pretty, even on the beach, with waterproof makeup and anti-frizz hair products.
  • Step 3: Pack sun block Pack lots of sun block. Your chances of getting it on will diminish greatly if you look like a tomato and can't bear to have your skin touched.
  • Step 4: Make plan for getting lucky Plan what to do if someone gets lucky, like texting your roommates to lay claim on the room before arriving with your date in tow.
  • Step 5: Don't hang in packs Don't hang out in packs. It's much harder to approach someone if his or her ten BFFs are gawking.
  • TIP: If you're serious about scoring, avoid the hot spots. The competition will be too fierce.
  • Step 6: Enter contests Enter contests—dance, karaoke, make-out, or, what the heck, wet T-shirt. You want to be noticed.
  • Step 7: Don't be intimidated Don't be intimidated—go ahead and approach the person you've got your eye on. If you're a woman, the odds are greatly in your favor: studies show you have a 90% chance of success if you make the first move!
  • Step 8: Offer to buy someone a drink Offer to buy someone a drink. It's the fastest way to break the ice.
  • TIP: If you see someone you like, send drinks to his or her entire group. Expensive? Yes. Impressive? Very. Plus no one will know who exactly you're targeting, so you're covered if it doesn't work out.
  • Step 9: Check out alternative spring break trips Consider trading hedonism for altruism this year by spending your vacation helping the less fortunate. Check out alternative spring break trips online. Bonus: you'll likely find a kinder, gentler hook-up.
  • FACT: According to the American Medical Association, 83% of women say they drink more than usual during spring break and 74% admit to increased sexual activity.

You Will Need

  • A spring break destination
  • A sense of adventure
  • And common sense

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