How to Improve Your Life with Chromotherapy

Research shows that color can have a powerful effect on our emotions. Start harnessing that power today.

You will need

  • Colorful clothing
  • Colorful walls
  • Colorful furnishings

Step 1 Use lots of color in your life, from the clothes you wear to the walls and furnishings in your home. Different colors stimulate different feelings, so many hues are necessary for emotional balance.

Step 2 Freshening up a room with a new paint job – no matter what the color – temporarily boosts the moods of people who regularly spend time in the room.

Step 3 Create a soothing environment for yourself by painting a room blue. Surrounding yourself in blue helps reduce both physical and mental tension.

Step 4 Feeling a little down? Wear yellow. It promotes feelings of happiness, security, confidence, and well-being. Research shows that yellow bedrooms are mood-lifters for elderly people.

Step 5 Know anyone with anger management issues? Surround them with the color bubble-gum pink. It’s so effective at soothing tempers that some correctional institutions paint holding cells pink to try to calm violent inmates.

Step 6 Create a welcoming environment with the color orange, which induces warm, friendly feelings in others. Which means you might not want to wear orange around a pesky person you’re trying to shake off!