How to Light a Cigar

If you're going to spend money on a hand-crafted cigar, you should know how to properly light it up.

You will need

  • A cigar cutter
  • A cigar
  • A butane torch lighter or wooden matches
  • Piece of cedar wood

Step 1 Cut the cigar In one quick move with a cigar cutter (never with scissors or a knife) cut the covered head of the cigar just before the end of the cap – the piece of tobacco glued to the head to keep the wrapper together. A visible line often marks the end of the cap.

Step 2 Choose a light Choose your lighting method: a butane torch lighter or wooden match. Gas lighters, scented candles, and stovetops will damage the flavor of your stogie.

Step 3 Preheat Preheat your cigar by slowly rotating the foot above a flame until the edges of the wrapper begin to blacken. Your cigar is now primed for lighting.

Step 4 Grip cigar Hold the head of the cigar with your thumb, index, and middle fingers and place it in your mouth.

Step 5 Puff and roll Ignite another flame. Slowly begin rotating the foot of your cigar just above and perpendicular to the flame. Complete one revolution, gently drawing air into your mouth while puffing your lips. Be sure not to inhale the smoke.

Step 6 Check lit end After rotating the cigar once, take it out of your mouth and look at the foot to make sure you have an even burn. If the glow of the lit end is uneven, complete another rotation.

Step 7 Enjoy cigar Kick back, relax, and enjoy a pleasant smoke. To really appreciate your cigar, smoke slowly. You should only take about one puff a minute.