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How to Travel in Style with Ford Model Delphine

Learn Ford Model Delphine's secret packing tips and why she loves traveling for her glamorous job.


As a model I travel a lot.

Part of the job is to do a shooting in different cities all over the world. You never know where you're going to be next. So that's why I'm always on the plane.

Yeah, my favorite thing to do is to travel. That's my hobby, my passion, and my job. Most beautiful place I've been is the Maldives islands. It's really beautiful. Its paradise. It's like how you picture an island with the little palm tree. You know how you would draw it when you were a kid? That's exactly that.

The coolest place I've ever been, Tokyo I think. It's awesome. Lots of action, lots of things going on. [Japanese 00:00:41]. I don't know what that mean though. Something for eye drop or something. I'm not so sure.

When I get ready, I wear a lot of layers. So I can go from cold to warm weather by taking off some layers or adding some on. To go through security, I know how it goes. So I put all my stuff in my bag, and I have the little see-through bag with all my liquids. I try to avoid to wear a lot of jewelry that I know won't ring, alarm the security. Always I put it in my bag before. If I have a watch, I just put it in my bag and then put it back on right after. So I know that, as soon as I arrive at security, take off my laptop, take off my shoes and I'm good to go. Hopefully, I don't get checked.

It's great that jetBlue flies from JFK to LAX. I have a lot of shoots in L.A. They have a really great new terminal. You can do a lot of things there. You can eat, shop, get a manicure or pedicure. Go online because they have free Wi-Fi, which is great I think. You can just bring your laptop and do some work. They have TVs on the plane and it's awesome. You can watch your favorite show. The flight attendants, actually, are happy. They make funny jokes. The whole thing is a happy jetting.

Sometimes I travel for a six hour flight and I have to go straight to work. So I want to look fresh when I arrive. I have to try to sleep as much as possible. Drink a lot. I put a little bit of spray water on my face so I feel suddenly refreshed. I will do a little bit of makeup. A little bit of blush, so I don't look too pale. If I don't have blush right there and then, I can use my lipstick. That can double as blush. A little bit of mascara or curling, so I look more awake. Concealer. A little bit of brushing. Also, I like to brush my teeth. When I land, I should feel refreshed, even though I had to go through all this. Then I do it again probably the next day or the day after tomorrow or something. Every week.

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