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How to Cancel a Catalog

Printed catalogs are an annoying, persistent relic of a simpler era: the 1990s. So clear out your mailbox clutter and save a tree with a single phone call.


  • Step 1: Dial customer service Dial the customer service or regular ordering phone number in your catalog.
  • Step 2: Ask for name to be removed Say that you'd like your name removed from the catalog's mailing list, or, if you're receiving multiple copies of the same catalog, that you'd like them to be merged into a single entry.
  • Step 3: Give basic information The phone operator will ask for some basic information, like your name and address as it appears on the catalog.
  • TIP: Read your name, address, customer number, and other information exactly as it appears on the catalog to be sure the system registers you properly.
  • Step 4: Recycle catalog Place the now-cancelled catalog in your paper recycling bin.
  • TIP: If you adore receiving catalogs but still want to help the environment, you can call or send a letter asking the company to print on paper with a high recycled content.
  • Step 5: Repeat & tell your friends Repeat for each of your unwanted catalogs, and tell your friends.
  • FACT: In the U.S., 20 billion catalogs are mailed each year—if just 10 percent of the paper was recycled, it would save 851,000 tons of wood.

You Will Need

  • The customer service number from a catalog
  • or the ordering phone number
  • The unwanted catalog's customer or source code
  • A phone
  • A recycling bin

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