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How to Teach Your Dog to Drop Something

Dogs love to chew things – the "drop it!" command will help keep dangerous items out of your pet's mouth. Teach this trick after they know how to sit.


  • Step 1: Let them chew Standing in your backyard or at the dog park, give your dog the "sit!" command. Give them one of their favorite toys and let them chew on it for a minute.
  • Step 2: Get the toy back Tug on one end of the toy with your hand while giving the verbal command "drop it!" Place your hand under the toy and repeat the command again until your dog opens their mouth to drop the toy. Reward them with words of praise and a treat.
  • TIP: Always use positive reinforcement and words of praise during dog training.
  • Step 3: Switch toys After your dog has successfully dropped the toy three times on command, repeat with the next toy. Once they are able to drop that toy on command, repeat with the final toy.
  • Step 4: Drop the shoe Dogs typically are attracted to shoes – now offer them an old shoe to chew on. When they have it in their mouth, tug gently on the shoe and give the "drop it!" command. You may have to repeat the command a few times. Reward a good response with words of praise and a treat.
  • Step 5: Practice later Now that your dog can perform this trick, give the "drop it!" command anytime they put something in their mouth that might be dangerous, and watch how quickly they respond.
  • FACT: In 2008, Kissimmee, Florida firefighters saved two dogs using mouth-to-mouth CPR.

You Will Need

  • Dog
  • Three dog toys
  • Dog treats
  • Old shoe

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