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How to Fix Broken Makeup

Frustrated that your new eye shadow is in pieces? These simple steps will mend your broken-down makeup.


  • Step 1: Scoop it up Scoop the broken pieces of your shattered eye shadow, powder blush, or pressed powder into a plastic baggie.
  • TIP: Mix your broken blush in an empty jar with a little petroleum jelly for a quick lip gloss or creamy eye shadow.
  • Step 2: Crush to a fine powder Use a butter knife to crush the pieces into a fine powder. Cut off a corner of the baggie to pour it back into the container.
  • Step 3: Add rubbing alcohol Using an eyedropper, add rubbing alcohol a drop at a time until moist.
  • Step 4: Stir Stir with a toothpick until the powder becomes a paste.
  • Step 5: Smooth and set Shape with the butter knife and let dry for a few hours. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving you with makeup that looks like new.
  • FACT: The average adult uses seven skin care products a day.

You Will Need

  • A plastic baggie
  • A butter knife
  • An eyedropper
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A toothpick
  • Petroleum jelly

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