How to Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table

By banning table begging, you’ll enjoy meals more and do your dog a favor.

You will need

  • A dog
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Dog crate

Step 1 Ignore begging dog Ignore your dog when they beg at the table. Interacting in any way, even to scold, merely reinforces the behavior.

Step 2 Feed dog during family mealtimes Feed your dog when you sit down to eat. This will occupy them and distract them from your meal.

Step 3 Be consistent Be consistent in ignoring your dog’s overtures. Making even one exception can negate any positive habits your training may have initiated.

Step 4 Stay firm If your dog tests you by increasing the intensity of their whining, stay firm in ignoring them.

Step 5 Continue the training Continue to ignore your dog’s begging from meal to meal. Don’t sneak your dog a treat. After several weeks, your dog will stop begging at the table.

Step 6 Enjoy quiet meals Enjoy a meal free of whining and begging. Your persistence will pay off.