How to Clean a Camera Lens

Professional camera cleaning is expensive and usually more than you need. Follow these simple steps to keep your lenses clear and smudge-free.

You will need

  • A blower brush or ear syringe
  • A camel hair lens brush
  • A lens cloth or tissue
  • Lens cleaner

Step 1 Brush first Use a blower brush to remove dust and dirt. If you don’t have a blower brush, use an ear syringe. Next, brush the lens with a camel hair lens brush.

Step 2 Wipe second Breathe on the lens; then wipe off smudges with a lens cloth or lens tissue. If that doesn’t work, put a drop of lens cleaner on the cloth and try again. Wipe gently in a circular motion, working outward from the center.

Step 3 Clean other parts Clean the rear lens element, as well as filters and lens caps to avoid transferring dust to the lens.

Step 4 Keep it clean Clean your lenses as seldom as possible. Every time you clean a lens you risk scratching it or damaging its coating. Always store your camera in a case with the lens cap on.