How to Handle It If Your Parents Buy You Dorky Clothes

When it comes to clothes, are your parents still trying to dress you like a fifth grader? Then you need to take charge.

You will need

  • A take-charge attitude
  • Creativity
  • Maturity
  • Ingenuity or money

Step 1 Check return policy Check the store’s return policy. Some places will issue store credit without a receipt if the tags are still intact and the clothes appear undamaged. So control the impulse to damage the clothes.

Step 2 Donate them If returning the clothes is out of the question, try donating them to charity. Explain to your parents that you ‘have so much, while others have so little.’

Step 3 Tailor them Make some alterations. With a bit of ingenuity and access to a sewing machine (or at least scissors), it’s possible to transform something ugly into something pretty—or, at the very least, something non-offensive.

Step 4 Ruin it accidentally Accidentally ruin the clothes by reading the laundering instructions and then doing exactly the opposite. If it says ‘dry-clean only,’ toss it in the washing machine with a pair of jeans on ‘heavy load.’ Feign disappointment.

Step 5 Try honesty Of course, you could always try being honest. Explain to your parents the importance of not resembling a vision-impaired septuagenarian.

Step 6 Work it Your final option? Work it! Make do with what you’ve got. Do you think that history’s greatest tastemakers shopped at the mall?