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How to Make a Leo Fall in Love with You

Once you know what makes a Leo tick, it will be easy to get under his or her skin.


  • Step 1: Admire them Admire them. Leos have a very healthy self-image, to say the least, so the first step to ingratiating yourself is to flatter them shamelessly. Trust us: You cannot overdo this.
  • Step 2: Invite them to a pricey restaurant Invite them to a pricey restaurant – the more expensive and exclusive, the better. The only thing Leos love more than spending money on themselves is having someone else do it.
  • Step 3: Let them talk Let them talk. And talk. And talk some more. Leos love to talk. So ask lots of questions and, above all, do not interrupt them.
  • TIP: Never steal a Leo’s thunder in any way; they’ll resent you for it.
  • Step 4: Make them laugh Make them laugh. Leos have a great sense of humor and love to laugh – as long as the joke is not on them. Expect dire consequences if you dare to make them the butt of a joke.
  • Step 5: Give extravagant gifts Give them extravagant gifts, because Leos adore luxury. If you’re a cheapskate at heart, don’t even think about wooing a Leo.
  • TIP: Airline tickets to faraway places and adventure travel packages make fine gifts for Leos, who love the exotic.
  • Step 6: Throw them a party Throw them a party, especially if it’s to celebrate one of their accomplishments. Leos like nothing more than to be the center of attention, though they’d rather be in the spotlight for getting a big promotion than for turning 40.
  • Step 7: Give them space Give them space. Leos need freedom and hate routine, so expecting them to meet you at the same place for sushi every Friday night is a quick way to alienate them.
  • Step 8: Never let your guard down When it comes to massaging Leo’s ego, never let your guard down. A good-natured jibe about budding love handles will not be appreciated. Keep the flattery up and the criticism to yourself, and you have a good chance of winning Leo’s famed loyalty.
  • FACT: Madonna and Bill Clinton are both Leos. And Dan Evins, co-founder of Cracker Barrel.

You Will Need

  • Flattery
  • An uncritical nature

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