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How to Make a Sagittarius Fall in Love with You

It’s easy enough to reel in a Sagittarius, but it’s nearly impossible to keep one faithful.


  • Step 1: Be a good audience Be a good audience. Sagittariuses love to talk, so they are naturally attracted to people who are willing to shut up and listen.
  • Step 2: Love the outdoors Love the outdoors—or at least pretend to. A Sagittarius’s idea of a romantic date is an afternoon outside watching the clouds, not a night at the opera.
  • Step 3: Keep them entertained Keep a Sagittarius entertained by keeping your own life interesting enough to share. People born under this sign hate to be bored.
  • TIP: If your Sagittarius is flirting with someone else (and, really, when are they not?), grit your teeth and ignore it. Flirting is like breathing to them, and showing your annoyance will only alienate them.
  • Step 4: Give them space Give them space—lots of it. You don’t want to back a Sagittarius into a corner any more than you do a wild animal.
  • Step 5: Indulge their vanity Indulge their vanity. Sagittariuses are narcissists, and will not take offense at a gift of Botox. On the contrary, they’ll be delighted.
  • Step 6: Be careful what you wish for Be careful what you wish for. A Sagittarius can be dragged to the altar, and might even find the strength to remain faithful. But they’ll never let your forget what a chore and a bore it is.
  • FACT: Famous Sagittariuses include Woody Allen, Don Johnson, Steven Spielberg, and Emily Dickinson. And the world’s heaviest twins from the Guinness Book of World Records.

You Will Need

  • The ability to listen
  • A love of the outdoors
  • A non-possessive nature

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