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How to Make a Virgo Fall in Love with You

When it comes to looking for love with a Virgo, slobs and slackers need not apply.


  • Step 1: Make the first move Make the first move with a Virgo; they are not the type to chase romance, believing it to be undignified.
  • Step 2: Plan a highbrow date Plan a highbrow date, like a night at the opera or a visit to a museum. Virgos are very much into the arts.
  • TIP: You might want to peruse an Emily Post book before your date; Virgos put a great deal of stock in manners.
  • Step 3: Suggest a quiet evening at home Suggest a quiet evening at home – Virgos are not into loud, noisy gatherings. Just make sure your home is meticulously clean.
  • Step 4: Show your frugal side Show your frugal side by boasting about your healthy 401(k), or by suggesting that an appetizer is plenty big enough for a meal, thank you very much. Virgos are practical creatures who will not waste their time romancing a spendthrift.
  • Step 5: Don’t rush sex Don’t rush sex with a Virgo; they are much too cerebral to let their emotions lead them into bed until a relationship has been well established.
  • Step 6: Keep up appearances Take pains to look neat and clean at all times. Virgos will be turned off by a partner who feels compelled to let themselves go. The effort will be worth it. When Virgos commit, they are faithful, reliable spouses.
  • FACT: Richard Gere, Michael Jackson, and the late Mother Teresa are all Virgos. And the guy who made the mouth sounds in Police Academy.

You Will Need

  • A dignified demeanor
  • An interest in the arts
  • Sensible spending habits

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