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How to Make an Aquarius Fall in Love with You

Aquariuses have high standards, but anyone with the right drive can meet them.


  • Step 1: Plan a memorable first date Plan a memorable first date. Aquariuses don’t like the burden of making plans themselves, so they’ll be impressed with a person who comes up with a creative date idea, especially if it’s something that appeals to their intellect.
  • TIP: Aquariuses are interested in the arts, so planning a date around the debut of a promising new artist or a night of experimental theater is a good start.
  • Step 2: Lean to the left Lean to the left. Aquariuses are humanitarians who feel great compassion for the less fortunate.
  • Step 3: Keep up with current events Keep up with current events. If you know who Britney Spears is, but can’t name the current President of France, you don’t stand a chance with an Aquarius.
  • Step 4: Join a book club Join a book club and familiarize yourself with the New York Times’ bestseller list. Aquariuses pride themselves on being well-read.
  • Step 5: Treat with respect Always treat an Aquarius with respect; they want to be valued for their mind (though they also expect lavish appreciation of their body).
  • Step 6: Allow them privacy Allow them their space and privacy. It’s the only way to one day be invited to join their club.
  • FACT: Famous Aquariuses include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Mozart, and Charles Lindbergh. And the other guy from the band Wham!

You Will Need

  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of art and music
  • Good social skills

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