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How to Open a Beer with a Lighter

Want to impress your friends at a party? Show them your survival skills by opening a beer with a lighter.


  • Step 1: Hold the lighter upside down with your dominant hand, the bottom of the lighter slightly sticking out on your thumb side.
  • TIP: Use an inexpensive plastic lighter.
  • Step 2: Hold the beer bottle with your other hand. Hold it around the neck, close to the top.
  • Step 3: Wedge as much of the end of the lighter under the bottle cap as you can.
  • TIP: Turn the lighter so you are using the corner of the base of the lighter, rather than the flatter and wider edge of the base.
  • Step 4: Press down the top end of the lighter, using the hand wrapped around the bottle for leverage, so the cap pushes up. If necessary, continue prying on another part of the cap until the cap pops off.
  • FACT: The country with the most individual beer brands is Belgium with 400.

You Will Need

  • A lighter
  • A bottled beer

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