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How to Play Beer Pong / Beirut

Don’t waste precious time bickering over the name of this classic drinking game—that beer’s not getting any colder, and your logic skills certainly aren’t getting any sharper.


  • Step 1: Fill cups with beer Fill 20 cups a 1/3 of the way or less with beer.
  • Step 2: Arrange cups Arrange the plastic cups in two triangles of 10 cups each on opposite ends of the table with the tips pointing toward the center.
  • Step 3: Pick teams Pick two-person teams, one for each end of the table.
  • Step 4: Toss ball into cup One person begins the game by trying to toss a ping-pong ball in one of other team’s cups; it doesn’t matter which one.
  • TIP: The toss is all in the wrist: hold the ball at about eye-level, lean in, and lob it up so it drops down into the cup.
  • Step 5: Drink beer or next turn If the ball makes it in, a member of the opposing team has to drink the cup of beer it landed in. If the ball misses, it’s the other team’s turn.
  • Step 6: If ball lands in empty cup ... If you accidentally throw the ball into your opponents’ already-empty cup, you have to drink one of your own beers.
  • TIP: Set aside a cup filled with water on each side of the table so the ball can be rinsed off if it lands on the floor.
  • Step 7: Reform triangles Reform the triangle as you play: When there are only six cups of beer on a side, make a smaller triangle. Then do so again when there are only three cups.
  • Step 8: Winning Keep going until one team wipes out all the cups on the other side. As the winner, they get to make the losers drink the remaining cups on their own side!
  • FACT: Seventy-seven percent of college students call the game 'Beer Pong,' while only 23% use the moniker 'Beirut.'

You Will Need

  • Two to six people
  • A long
  • rectangular table
  • like a ping-pong table
  • 20 16-ounce plastic cups
  • Plenty of beer
  • Two to four ping pong balls
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Two c. of water

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