How to Whistle with a Blade of Grass

Next time you're outside, pluck a blade of grass for an easy way to entertain yourself — and annoy your friends.

You will need

  • A blade of grass
  • Two thumbs
  • Patience

Step 1 Pick a blade of grass Pick a flat blade of grass that’s as long as your thumbs.

Step 2 Put the grass between your thumbs Press your thumbs together at the knuckles with your fingernails facing you. Put the grass lengthwise between your thumbs.

Step 3 Pull the grass taut Pull the grass taut, so there are no kinks. You should see the edge of the blade centered in a gap between the base of your thumbs and your knuckles.

Step 4 Blow Purse your lips, put your mouth to your thumbs, and blow. You may have to move your lips or thumbs slightly to make a sound, so keep trying.

Step 5 Experiment with sounds Play around with different kinds of grasses and reeds. You can make as many different sounds as there are blades of grass on your lawn.