How to Pick the Right Clothes If You're Top-Heavy

Congratulations! You have the potential for a killer hourglass figure, if you know how to work it.

You will need

  • A well-fitting bra
  • Dark
  • plain
  • fitted tops
  • Flared skirts
  • Collarless
  • belted jackets
  • Clothing containing Lycra
  • Medium-size purses
  • Good posture

Step 1 Start with a well-fitting, high-quality bra. A bad one can make you look heavy and saggy.

Step 2 Choose fabrics that hug your body but are not constricting; too tight and you’ll be busting out all over, but baggy will make you look bigger, too. Material that includes between 1 and 5 percent Lycra is a good choice.

Step 3 Wear a darker shade on top for a slimming appearance. Avoid shirts and sweaters with any kind of detail on or near the bust, like beading or pockets. They’ll just add bulk, as will shoulder pads and poufy sleeves. Flattering necklines include sweetheart and V-neck because they lengthen the vertical line of your upper half.

Step 4 Select bottoms that balance your tops – like a flared skirt with a fitted blouse or jacket. If you’re wearing a two-piece bathing suit, make sure the bottom isn’t skimpy.

Step 5 Pick collarless jackets and ones with a belted waist; both de-emphasize your top half. Avoid double-breasted jackets, cropped ones, and wide lapels, which call attention to your bust.

Step 6 Don’t schlep a huge purse. Anything larger than about 10 by 13 inches will make a top-heavy woman look even more out of proportion.

Step 7 Stand up straight. It will make whatever you’re wearing look better.