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How to Make an Accordion File From Envelopes

Organize your coupons, receipts, and notes by creating a chic, customized envelope file. It also makes a great gift!


  • Step 1: Select envelopes Select an odd number of matching envelopes, from five to nine, in the size you want to use. The envelopes must have flap openings.
  • Step 2: Glue together Apply glue along the inside of the flap of the first envelope and adhere it to the front side of the next envelope. Repeat until all envelopes are attached with the flap of the last envelope left loose as the top cover. Allow glue to dry.
  • TIP: Use rubber stamps to custom decorate each envelope according to its contents.
  • Step 3: Add ribbon closure Cut a slit on both sides of the last envelope and feed the ribbon through.
  • Step 4: Label Label the contents of each envelope with colored pens. Use decorative labels to mark them accordingly.
  • Step 5: Fill and fold Fill the envelopes with your stuff, fold the envelopes into an accordion, and fasten neatly with the ribbon.
  • FACT: The first U.S. stamps were issued in 1847. The five-cent stamp featured Benjamin Franklin and the ten-cent stamp pictured George Washington.

You Will Need

  • Five to nine envelopes with flap openings
  • A glue stick
  • A ribbon
  • Colored pens
  • Decorative labels
  • Rubber stamps

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