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How to Put Your Dog on a Diet

Dogs can pack on extra pounds they don’t need. Help them shed the weight and stay healthy.


  • : Check with your veterinarian before putting your dog on a diet.
  • Step 1: Buy dog food Buy diet dog food. Your dog will take to their diet more easily if you don't cut down their intake too much.
  • TIP: Look for low-fat food with plenty of digestible carbohydrates.
  • Step 2: Buy diet snacks If your dog is used to snacking at certain times of the day or as a reward for certain activities, offer them diet treats.
  • TIP: Avoid feeding dogs table scraps.
  • Step 3: Exercise Consult your vet to create an exercise plan for your dog. Instead of letting them outside a couple of times a day, take them for vigorous walks. It will benefit you both!
  • Step 4: Have regular weigh-ins Talk to your vet about coming in for regular weigh-ins to make sure your dog is not losing too much weight too quickly.
  • FACT: In 2001 an English Mastiff weighing 286 pounds, appropriately named 'Moose,' was named the largest dog in America.

You Will Need

  • 1 A dog
  • 1 Diet dog food and treats
  • 1 Exercise
  • 1 Regular weigh-ins

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