How to Keep a Baby Calm on a Flight

Reduce your chances of becoming the seatmate everyone hates by learning how to head off a screaming jag.

You will need

  • A seat over the wing
  • A baby bottle
  • breast milk
  • or a pacifier
  • Frequent diaper checks
  • A midweek
  • midday flight
  • A baby stroller

Step 1 Go midday Try to arrange your flight so it coincides with your baby’s naptime or bedtime so they’ll be sleepy.

Step 2 Sit near the wing Request a seat over the wing. That’s where the engines are located, and some moms find the noise lulls infants to sleep.

Step 3 Feed your baby Feed your baby during takeoff and landing, or give them a pacifier. Sucking and swallowing helps prevent the painful earache that can develop due to air pressure changes in the cabin. And offer them your breast or a bottle often during the flight to prevent dehydration.

Step 4 Walk with them Walk your baby up and down the aisle if they start to fuss. The combination of the motion and the change of scenery can stop a crying fit in its tracks. Bring a baby sling to make pacing more pleasant.

Step 5 Check their diapers Check their diapers often so a soggy or poopy diaper doesn’t have a chance to send them into a tizzy.

Step 6 Escape to the bathroom Nothing working? Hide in the bathroom for a while (as long as you’re not inconveniencing other passengers). The close quarters will provide a soothing cocoon for you and your baby, and you’ll escape the nasty looks of your seatmates for a while!