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How to Cheer Someone Up

Have you ever had someone make you feel better with a simple act of kindness? Now it’s time to bank some good karma and make someone else’s day.


  • Step 1: Call. Pick up the phone and engage the person in conversation – encourage and listen to them.
  • Step 2: Send a card. Whether through snail mail or e-mail, the right greeting can put a smile on the saddest face.
  • Step 3: Ask the person out. Go for a walk, fly a kite, visit the zoo. A change of scenery makes a huge difference in a person’s outlook.
  • Step 4: Jump in and help out. Surprise them by cooking dinner, cleaning the windows, or weeding the garden.
  • Step 5: Get out of your comfort zone. Compose a song and serenade them – even if you can’t carry a tune. Put on a clown outfit and deliver some balloons.
  • TIP: Be careful if you’re trying to cheer up someone who’s just a friend. You don’t want your actions to be misinterpreted.
  • Step 6: Leave a little gift – something that you know will lift their spirits.
  • FACT: In a recent study, laughter proved to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

You Will Need

  • Compassion
  • Good intentions
  • A sweet idea
  • Action
  • A selfless heart

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