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How to Have a Career as a Hollywood Agent

Are you tenacious? Do you talk a lot? You may be ideal for a career as a Hollywood agent!


  • Step 1: Be honest with yourself. Decide if you want to work really hard for, potentially, little appreciation. And can you handle rejection?
  • Step 2: Search job sites and ads for positions at reputable talent agencies. An entry-level position offers you the chance to work your way up.
  • TIP: A four-year degree may help land you a starting position as an agent's assistant.
  • Step 3: Use the time you spend at entry level to build your network. The industry favors people with the ability to make friends and communicate clearly.
  • Step 4: Check internal postings for promotional opportunities. Use your skills to seek them out and apply for them. Also put the word out to friends and acquaintances that you're looking to move up.
  • Step 5: Be tenacious in your pursuit. That tenacity must carry over into your career as a Hollywood agent if you want to be successful!
  • FACT: California's Talent Agency Act evolved from the Private Employment Agencies Law of 1913.

You Will Need

  • Networking skills
  • Tenacity
  • Friends in the industry
  • A four-year college degree

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