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How to Turn Regular Socks into Non-Skid Slipper Socks

Tired of slipping on hard wood floors, but too cold to go barefoot? Make some of your favorite socks slip-proof.


  • Step 1: Prepare socks Wash and dry your socks.
  • Step 2: Make template Trace each foot on a separate piece of cardboard and cut out your print.
  • Step 3: Insert pattern Insert a cardboard template into each sock and smooth the fabric over the template to create a flat surface.
  • Step 4: Paint sock Paint a pattern with fabric paint on your socks.
  • TIP: Wavy lines, dots, or zigzags are the simplest designs to create.
  • Step 5: Dry socks Dry the socks according to paint instructions. Now you can wander around the house in stocking feet with no fear of slipping.
  • FACT: Did you know?
    More than 2.3 million children are treated each year at hospital emergency rooms for fall-related injuries.

You Will Need

  • Comfortable socks
  • Two pieces cardboard
  • Fabric paint

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