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How to Wind a Bobbin

Your sewing machine needs bobbin thread to create overlock stitches, so keep your machine going by learning to fill your bobbin.


  • Step 1: Place thread on spool pin Put your thread on your machine's spool pin. Be sure to place the spool cap on top of your thread to keep it secure and untangled.
  • Step 2: Wind thread through bobbin guide Wind the thread through your machine's bobbin guide. If you're refilling a bobbin in the middle of sewing, remove the thread from the needle and other moving parts first.
  • TIP: Check your machine's manual for the proper way to thread your machine for bobbin winding.
  • Step 3: Place the thread on the bobbin Place the end of your thread on the bobbin. If your bobbin has a hole in the top, put the end of the thread through the hole from the inside of the bobbin toward the outside.
  • Step 4: Start winding by hand Hold the end of the thread down with a finger and tightly wind a few loops by hand.
  • Step 5: Load bobbin on winder spindle Load the bobbin on the spindle of your machine's bobbin winder. Push the spindle securely against the bobbin stop.
  • Step 6: Start machine and wind bobbin Start your machine on slow speed to make sure the bobbin is winding the right way. Wind faster until you have as much thread as you want or the bobbin winder comes to an automatic stop.
  • TIP: If your bobbin is winding unevenly, use your finger to guide the thread to the unused side of the bobbin.
  • Step 7: Clip thread and remove bobbin Clip the thread close to the bobbin, push the bobbin winder away from the bobbin stop, and remove the bobbin.
  • FACT: According to legend, a dream about being attacked by cannibals with spears inspired inventor Elias Howe to create the first interlock sewing machine. Most likely, he came across the perfect needle design through trial and error.

You Will Need

  • Thread
  • A sewing machine
  • A bobbin
  • Scissors
  • Your sewing machine manual
  • A bobbin winding machine

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