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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Crafts are easily completed once you learn how to quickly thread a sewing machine.


  • Step 1: Put the presser foot into the upward position and place a spool of thread into the spool holder.
  • Step 2: Insert the thread into a thread guide near the top of the machine. Bring the thread down to the tension mechanism, slip the thread between the metal discs, and back up.
  • Step 3: Insert the thread through the take-up lever. Now the thread will go down on the left side of the take-up lever.
  • TIP: Some machines require the thread to slide into the take-up lever; others are set up for the thread to go through a hole.
  • Step 4: Pull the thread through the take-up lever and insert it into the eye of a needle.
  • Step 5: Insert a wound bobbin while the presser foot is still up. Then lower the presser foot until the needle disappears into the bobbin.
  • Step 6: Move the hand wheel until the needle comes back up and catches the bobbin thread. Pull out the spare thread from both the bobbin and the sewing machine and begin sewing.
  • FACT: In 1830 a French tailor patented the first practical sewing machine. His factory was later destroyed by a mob of tailors, who saw the new machines as a threat to their livelihood.

You Will Need

  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A needle
  • A bobbin

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