How to Paint with a Palette Knife

Sometimes painting with a brush can be a pain in the neck. Try painting with your palette knife instead.

You will need

  • A palette knife
  • Oil paints
  • Acrylic paints with medium mixed in

Step 1 Hold knife like a brush Hold the painting knife pretty much the same way you should a paintbrush.

Step 2 Glob the paint on the canvas Glob the paint on to the pre-treated canvas or board and start pushing it around.

Step 3 Feel out the surfaces Get a feel for what the different surfaces—including the edges—of the paint knife can do.

Step 4 Watch the paint dry Watch how the paint dries. It might sound boring, but it’s crucial if you care about your work.

Step 5 Wipe your knives clean Simply wipe your knives clean with a good, lint-free rag.

Step 6 Wait for the paint to dry Allow a long time for the paint to dry completely. If you’re wondering if it’s been long enough, it hasn’t.