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How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating

If you suspect your partner's cheating, you're probably right. But you'll still want proof.


  • Step 1: Notice clues Notice clues like more "late nights at the office," time on the computer (especially at night, when chat rooms get going), interest in appearance, mysterious phone calls, and abrupt hang-ups or computer shutdowns when you walk in.
  • TIP: Less sex is not necessarily a sign of cheating. In fact, the excitement of an affair often triggers more sex at home.
  • Step 2: Prick partner's conscience Try to prick your partner's conscience by saying how proud you are to have an honest relationship where you can tell each other anything. How do they respond—are they nervous or comfortable?
  • Step 3: Use partner's computer Tell your significant other you need to use their computer because yours is broken. Check the user's browsing history, which usually appears as a pull-down option onscreen, to see what websites they've been on. If the cache has been wiped completely clean, that could be the biggest sign of all. What are they hiding?
  • Step 4: Look up lover on social networking sites Look up your lover on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. See if they've listed themselves as "single," and check out comments and "friends."
  • Step 5: Conduct a sting operation Conduct a sting operation. Using an alias, contact your partner through a free email account. Act like you've already met and say you'd like to hook up in person. If they say yes, they've probably done it before.
  • Step 6: Create fake identity If they use a social networking site, create a fake identity that would appeal to them and then make contact. Flirt shamelessly and dig for information. Do they admit that you, their significant other, exist?
  • Step 7: Install spy program Install a key logging or spy program on their computer. Such programs can record keystrokes, take periodic screenshots, and even discover their passwords.
  • FACT: Research shows that 25% of wives and 44% of husbands have been unfaithful.

You Will Need

  • A nagging suspicion
  • Access to their computer
  • And sleuthing skills

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