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How to Blow-Dry Curly Hair

Transform that tumbleweed 'do into bouncy, beautiful Botticelli curls.


  • Step 1: Blot hair dry Gently blot your hair dry on a towel. Never rub it back and forth—this will destroy the curl and set you on the path to frizz.
  • TIP: Blot out as much water as possible—the less time you can spend blow-drying, the less chance your hair will frizz.
  • Step 2: Apply serum Apply a little heat-protective serum to your hair, concentrating on the ends.
  • Step 3: Apply styling gel Apply a bit of styling gel to the roots of your hair and work a little styling cream from the middle of the strands to the ends with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Step 4: Create locks Taking a few locks of hair at once, twist small sections from the root to the end, creating a series of smooth, twirled locks. Let them fall naturally.
  • Step 5: Attach diffuser Attach the diffuser to your blow-dryer and turn it on at a medium heat and a low speed.
  • Step 6: Dry in sections Tilt your head and gently lift a section of hair against the diffuser. When it is nearly dry, move on to another section.
  • TIP: To keep the curls intact, refrain from touching your hair as much as possible. Style the curls when they're still damp, then hands off!
  • Step 7: Dry hair upside down If you want a little extra volume, bend over and dry your hair upside down for a moment, gently massaging your scalp in small circles.
  • Step 8: Check out those curls Stand up, flip your hair back, and check out your tousled tresses. You can look, but don't touch!
  • FACT: Your hair grows faster in warm weather.

You Will Need

  • A towel
  • Protective heat serum
  • A wide-tooth comb
  • Styling gel
  • Styling cream
  • And a blow-dryer with a diffuser

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