How to Make Thin Hair Look Lush

If you can’t afford the time and expense of hair extensions—and, really, who can?—try these tricks for making flat, stringy hair look fuller.


  • Step 1: Find the right stylist Ask around for a stylist that specializes in thin hair. If you live in a large city, do an Internet search for someone with this expertise.
  • Step 2: Get a good cut Get a good cut -- which, for the thin-haired, means above the shoulder. Ask about layers, which work with some types of thin hair.
  • Step 3: Lighten up If you don’t already have blonde, strawberry-blonde, or light brown hair, consider lightening your locks. Dark shades tend to accentuate thinning hair because they contrast with the scalp.
  • TIP: Coloring your hair plumps up the cuticles, making your hair look thicker, and highlights and lowlights give the illusion of thickness.
  • Step 4: Try a treatment Try an over-the-counter treatment that stimulates hair growth. The downside--these products don’t work for everyone and stop working the minute you stop using them. For a more potent solution, ask your doctor for a prescription.
  • Step 5: Use the right products Choose shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that contain panthenol. Go with lighter products, like mousse, versus gels.
  • TIP: Don’t go crazy with the conditioner; it weighs down fine hair, making it look even stringier.
  • Step 6: Invest in an Ionic hair dyer Invest in an Ionic hair dryer. They dry hair faster, reducing the heat damage that can lead to even thinner hair.
  • Step 7: Add some bounce Add some bounce with a light body wave and maybe some hot rollers.
  • Step 8: Give yourself a messy part Give yourself a messy or zigzag part, which is better at camouflaging thin hair than a straight one.
  • FACT: Nearly half of all women suffer from female pattern hair loss.

You Will Need

  • A good stylist
  • An over-the-counter treatment
  • Styling products for thin hair
  • An ionic hair dryer
  • Body wave
  • Hair coloring
  • Hot rollers

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