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How to Dress Your Dog according to His Body Type

If you’re going to humiliate your dog by dressing him up, you might as well choose outfits that flatter his figure.


  • Step 1: Poodles need a good fit Put poodles in well-tailored outfits. All that thick curly hair tends to make the poor dears look heavier than they are, which will be exacerbated by both too loose and too tight clothing.
  • Step 2: Elongate your dachshund’s legs Always put your dachshund, or any other short-legged pooch, in outfits with pants. Making him go bottomless will only accentuate his stubby little legs.
  • Step 3: Labs need the right color Labs are tall and slim, so they can get away with just about anything. But beware unflattering colors! Brown and black labs look great in grey, royal blue, and emerald green. Yellow labs are best in camel, olive, orange, gold, and dark brown.
  • Step 4: Accentuate your bulldog’s head Let’s be honest: bulldogs have huge heads and lots of wrinkles. So why not be bold and accentuate them? Hoodies and turtlenecks are good choices.
  • TIP: Be sure bulldogs’ clothes are washable, because this breed tends to drool.
  • Step 5: Work with problem hair Shih tzus and Pekingese—dare we say it?—have a body hair problem. But one can easily deflect attention from it by accessorizing with colorful ribbons, bandanas, and fancy bejeweled collars.
  • Step 6: Dress Chihuahuas well Though puny, Chihuahuas have very fine bone structure. Not only can they carry off regal fabrics like velvet and satin—they are elevated by them!
  • Step 7: No horizontal stripes for boxers Never put a boxer in horizontal stripes; they will just emphasize his stocky torso. Stick with solid colors or vertical stripes.
  • Step 8: Avoid too-tight clothes No matter how you fit Fido, never put him in restrictive clothing; it could hamper his ability to breathe.
  • FACT: One in five people admit their pets at least occasionally wear clothes.

You Will Need

  • Fashion knowledge
  • Common sense

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