How to Choose a Good Babysitter

Holding out for a cross between Mary Poppins and Mrs. Doubtfire may be aiming too high, but you don’t have to settle for a surly teen either.

You will need

  • Diligence
  • A u201cConsent to Treatu201d form (optional) (optional) (optional)

Step 1 Ask around Ask around. The best way to find a great babysitter is to ask friends and relatives for recommendations.

Step 2 Use community resources Consult your local library, hospital, Red Cross, or YMCA for names of certified babysitters who’ve graduated from their childcare classes. They’ll only recommend their best students and you’ll know the person is trained to handle emergencies.

Step 3 Conduct interviews Ask the babysitter tough questions about her background and what she would do in tough, hypothetical situations—like if a fire started or if your child was choking.

Step 4 Check references Ask for references and call them. Be suspicious of anyone who can’t provide any recent employers who can vouch for her.

Step 5 Let your kids be the judge Make an excuse to leave the babysitters you are interviewing alone with your child for 20 minutes or so. When you re-enter the room, notice how your child is reacting to the potential sitter. Children are often more perceptive than adults.

Step 6 Come home early The first time you use a new sitter, come home 30 minutes before you said you would. This will give you a true idea of how things are, rather than of what the babysitter wants you to see.