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How to Stand out at the Prom

Be too cool for school at this year’s prom. Stand out from the crowd.


  • Step 1: Have a dance routine Practice a dance routine with your partner that will wow the crowd when you hit the floor.
  • Step 2: Find a unique outfit Leave the juniors’ section at the department store and the local tuxedo rental shop to your classmates. You can always find some sophisticated —or retro—evening wear at consignment stores.
  • Step 3: Coordinate creatively While everyone else does their best to tastefully match their date, outdo them all by combining unusual colors, or by coordinating styles so you both look like you stepped out of the same era.
  • Step 4: Ditch the lame flowers Ditch the lame wrist corsage in favor of something more dramatic, like flowers woven into your hairstyle or a headband made of fresh flowers. Fellas, get a pocket square.
  • TIP: Consider making a political statement with your outfit.
  • Step 5: Challenge convention Challenge convention by arriving at the prom in something other than a cheesy stretch limo.
  • Step 6: Let bygones be bygones Make the grandest of entrances by greeting friends and foes alike. Today’s the day to forget about grudges and let bygones be bygones.
  • Step 7: Request a song Guys, be the first one to request a song for your date. Make it sweet; the other girls will be jealous, and your date will appreciate it.
  • Step 8: Stay sober Don’t make an ass of yourself by getting sloppy drunk. There’s no better way to distinguish yourself from the amateurs.
  • FACT: In the 1986 film Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald's character, Andie, makes her own prom dress out of a second-hand gown her father bought her from a thrift store.

You Will Need

  • A unique outfit
  • A forgiving nature
  • Dance skills
  • Individuality

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