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How to Decorate Your Skin with Henna

In Asia and the Middle East, paste made from the henna plant has been used for centuries to make beautiful temporary tattoos. Make it at home following these easy steps.


  • Step 1: Mix powder and sugar
  • TIP: Henna stains. Protect clothes and other surfaces.
  • Step 2: Add lemon juice
  • TIP: If using ready-made paste, check for a date.
  • Step 3: Let paste rest
  • Step 4: Make and fill applicator
  • Step 5: Apply
  • TIP: Use a toothpick or pin to fix mistakes and clear the applicator.
  • Step 6: Apply juice and sugar
  • Step 7: Let the paste stain your skin
  • Step 8: Reveal the stain
  • FACT: The darker a bride's henna stain is, the stronger the marriage will be.

You Will Need

  • Finely sifted henna powder
  • A plastic bowl and spoon
  • 2.0 tbsp unrefined sugar or honey
  • A bottle of lemon juice
  • A friend
  • Plastic wrap
  • A triangular piece of cellophane or Mylar
  • or a squeeze bottle
  • A toothpick or straight pin
  • Cotton balls
  • A butter knife or other blunt object
  • Gloves
  • Ready-made henna paste
  • Lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • or tea tree essential oil
  • Design stencils
  • Toilet paper

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