How To Stage a Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a great pastime on a hot summer day. Here's a great way to set up a water balloon fight that everyone will enjoy.

You will need

  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Buckets
  • Friends
  • And a place to play

Step 1 Buy balloons Buy balloons. Look for medium-size ones that won’t break too easily. Plan on a few dozen for each player.

Step 2 Fill balloons Fill the balloons with water, and tie them shut. Place the filled balloons into buckets.

Step 3 Play water balloon dodgeball Try playing dodgeball, only with water balloons. Divide your group into teams and stand facing each other.

Step 4 Start the game When the signal is given, everyone starts throwing their balloons at the opposing team.

Step 5 Earn points When someone is hit, the other team scores a point.

Step 6 Finish the game Play until all the balloons are gone, the members of one team have all been hit, or a certain number of points have been reached.

Step 7 Use the leftover balloons Once the official game is over, everybody can grab the leftover balloons and throw them at whomever they want.

Step 8 Clean up Pick up all the burst balloons. Leave the space clean for next time!