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How to Have a Career in Modeling

Dream of seeing your face on a cover? Follow these steps if you're serious about a modeling career.


  • Step 1: Assess yourself honestly to decide which type of modeling you can do. High-fashion models must be tall and thin. If you're of average height or heavier weight, try print or plus-size modeling.
  • Step 2: Contact modeling agencies to set up brief interviews, called "go-sees." Some modeling agencies hold periodic open calls to meet scores of potential models at once.
  • Step 3: Prepare for go-sees by choosing close-fitting clothing you feel comfortable in. Women should wear natural makeup and simple hairstyles. Bring a few snapshots of yourself – a closeup of your face and some full-body shots in a swimsuit.
  • TIP: Don't spend money on professional photos. An agency will help you obtain photos for your portfolio.
  • Step 4: Get signed by an agency. Modeling agencies find work for models and manage their careers in exchange for a cut of their pay.
  • Step 5: Avoid scams by researching agencies and looking out for sketchy business practices. While smaller agencies may require models to pay for their own photos, a respectable agency won't ask for lots of money up front.
  • TIP: The Better Business Bureau can help you assess an agency.
  • Step 6: Have a realistic backup plan. Modeling can be a short career.
  • FACT: Fashion Model Barbie was introduced in 1999.

You Will Need

  • Good looks
  • Close-fitting
  • comfortable clothes
  • Snapshots of yourself

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