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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Date

If you're more than ready to start dating, but your parents seem to think you're still six years old, try winning them over with this approach.


  • Step 1: Prove how responsible you are Make a list of all the ways you've proven to be responsible, like maintaining good grades, having a part-time job, always meeting your curfew, or never being late without calling.
  • Step 2: Suggest a group date Ask if you can go on a double or group date with friends of yours that your parents know. That might be less scary to them that picturing you alone with someone.
  • Step 3: Introduce them to your crush Have your parents meet the person you want to date – unless, of course, that person is going to make them even more nervous!
  • Step 4: Compromise Work out a compromise. If they're worried about you getting into a car driven by another teen, suggest they drop you off and pick you up.
  • TIP: Offer to check in every hour, reporting on where you are and what you're doing. It might be annoying but it's better than not going out at all.
  • Step 5: Suggest an afternoon date If there's no way they'll let you go on a "real" date at night, ask if you can at least go someplace alone with your crush in the afternoon, like to a bowling alley or the movies.
  • Step 6: Offer a deal Still no dice? Ask what you can do to prove yourself responsible enough to go out on a date. Then do it. Perhaps if you bring your grades up or complete your chores without being asked – or even just start being nice to your younger siblings – your parents will see you as someone who is mature enough to start dating.
  • FACT: A survey found 48 percent of all first dates end with a kiss.

You Will Need

  • A list of your achievements
  • The ability to compromise

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