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How to Have a Career as a Sports Agent

A career as a sports agent can be an ideal goal if you are a sports lover, a highly competitive person, or someone who easily negotiates with others.


  • Step 1: Read sports publications Read online sports publications, newspaper sports sections, and sports magazines. Being well informed is crucial.
  • Step 2: Attend sporting events Attend sporting events. Closely observe how coaches interact with athletes on and off the field or court.
  • TIP: Familiarize yourself with the culture – join sports teams.
  • Step 3: Enter a sports management program Attend a college with a sports management program.
  • TIP: State licensing prerequisites are the only requirements needed for a sports agent.
  • Step 4: Consider grad school Consider graduate school. Although it's not required, most sports agents have post-graduate degrees, such as law degrees and MBAs.
  • Step 5: Enter an internship program Enter an internship program with a sports management agency, sports commission, sports marketing agency, or a collegiate athletic department.
  • Step 6: Submit resumes Submit a resume to a sports executive placement agency.
  • Step 7: Contact sports agencies Contact sports agencies in your locale through online directories. Cold-calling is usually the last step taken in a job search.
  • FACT: The role of the sports agent is diminishing due to sports league rules limiting what agents can do.

You Will Need

  • Sports publications
  • Personal drive
  • Social skills
  • A love of sports
  • A law degree (optional)
  • An MBA (optional)
  • A financial planning degree (optional)

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