How to Teach Your Dog to Beg

It's easy to teach an old dog – or a young one – new tricks, especially if he has already learned such basics as "stay" and "sit."

You will need

  • A dog that can sit and stay on command
  • Dog treats

Step 1 Tell your dog to sit and to stay. Keep them in that position for a few moments.

Step 2 With your dog in the sit–stay position, hold a treat above the dog’s nose and say, “Beg.”

Step 3 Correct the dog if they jump for the treat. Pull the treat away and firmly say, “No.”

Step 4 Give the dog praise and a treat when they respond to “Beg” by sitting on their hind legs and balancing with both paws up.

Step 5 Practice the new trick. Your dog will be eager to show it off!