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How to Play the Hot Potato Game

This hot potato game will keep kids active and help them develop hand-eye coordination.


  • Step 1: Sand or sit in a circle Choose a leader. Have everyone else stand or sit in a circle, facing inward. The leader will start and stop the music.
  • Step 2: Give one person the tennis ball Give one person in the circle the tennis ball. The ball will be the "hot potato."
  • TIP: You can also play with a small bean bag or an actual potato instead.
  • Step 3: Start the music and start passing around the ball Start the music. The person with the ball quickly tosses it to the person to their right.
  • Step 4: Continue passing ball until the leader ends music Continue tossing the ball quickly to the person on the right until the leader stops the music. The person holding the ball has the "hot potato," and is out of the game.
  • TIP: Have the eliminated player switch places with the leader so that the leader can join in the game.
  • Step 5: Keep playing until only one person is left Keep playing until only one person is left in the game. The last person left without the "hot potato" is the winner.
  • FACT: Did you know? The average American eats nearly 140 pounds of potatoes every year. Almost 17 pounds of those come from potato chips alone.

You Will Need

  • Three or more people
  • A tennis ball
  • Music
  • A small bean bag or a potato (optional) (optional)

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