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How to Prevent Static Cling in Your Hair

Have you spent time styling your hair only to step outside and look like you stuck your finger in a light socket? Learn how to keep that beautiful hairstyle looking good!


  • Step 1: Use light shampoo Use a shampoo without harsh chemicals. Some shampoos strip natural oils from your hair, contributing to static cling.
  • Step 2: Condition deeply Condition your hair with a deep conditioner to retain moisture.
  • TIP: Perform a hot oil treatment. Purchase a kit from a drugstore and follow the directions.
  • Step 3: Do not over-dry Avoid over-drying your hair. Use an ionic ceramic hair dryer designed to eliminate static without over-drying.
  • TIP: Use a regular hair dryer but leave your hair damp to prevent over-drying.
  • Step 4: Moisturize twice a week Moisturize your hair twice a week with hair oil to prevent flyaways.
  • Step 5: Spray comb or brush with hairspray Spray comb or brush with hairspray before use. This eliminates friction that causes hair to stand at attention.
  • FACT: Did you know? You can rub a non-scented dryer sheet through your hair to remove static cling.

You Will Need

  • Light shampoo
  • Deep conditioner
  • An ionic ceramic hair dryer
  • Hair oil
  • Hair spray
  • Hot oil treatment (optional)

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