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How to Get an After-School Job

If your parents are pinching pennies, you may need to buy your own music, games, and fast food. Here are some tips to help you earn cash.


  • : Check with your school counselor or the department of labor to learn about state regulations if you are under 16.
  • Step 1: Get permission from your parents and agree on a schedule and transportation plan.
  • Step 2: Make a list of the types of jobs that you can do and where you can look.
  • TIP: If you're under 16, consider starting your own business. You can babysit, walk dogs, or cut lawns.
  • Step 3: Network with neighbors, business owners, school staff, church members, and local job service counselors.
  • Step 4: Market yourself by creating a resume and distributing flyers.
  • Step 5: Apply for the jobs you've identified on your list. Dress neatly and be courteous.
  • TIP: The more people you talk to, the better you'll get – and the more comfortable you'll be talking to adults.
  • Step 6: Send thank-you notes to the people who interviewed you. You never know when the impression you make may reap unexpected rewards!
  • FACT: Did you know? In a 2009 poll, 14 percent of teens aged 15-17 said they need to contribute to their family's budget.

You Will Need

  • A pen and paper
  • Resumes and flyers
  • Thank-you notes

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