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How to Hold It In When You Have to Pee & There's No Bathroom

Prevent yourself from peeing in your pants with these tricks.


  • : Don't hold in your urine if you have a bladder infection; it will make the condition worse by allowing the bacteria to flourish.
  • Step 1: Fantasize about sex Fantasize about sex. Experts say thinking about sex preoccupies your brain, reducing your discomfort.
  • Step 2: Scratch or rub your calf Scratch or rub the back of your calf. Australian researchers found that doing this vigorously may interrupt the message from your bladder to your brain that you need to go.
  • Step 3: Squeeze your butt Reduce the urge by squeezing your butt as tightly as you can, holding it for several seconds, and then repeating five times.
  • TIP: Doing butt squeezes will firm your bottom, too.
  • Step 4: Cross your legs Cross your legs and bend forward slightly, especially if you feel a cough, sneeze, or laugh coming on. Researchers found that this prevented leakage in 73 percent of women.
  • Step 5: Be smarter next time Reduce the chances of finding yourself in this position again by using the bathroom before you know one will be unavailable for a long stretch. It was good advice when you were four years old, and it's good advice now!
  • FACT: Hugh Jackman accidentally peed on stage during a performance.

You Will Need

  • A sexual fantasy
  • Butt squeezes

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