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How to Register a Domain Name

You're ready to debut your web site, but you need a URL. Give your web site a domain that is both memorable and fitting.


  • Step 1: Choose a name Pick a name that is simple, short, and fits your content. If you are registering a business web site, the name of the business should be the domain name.
  • Step 2: Search for name Go to an official internet registrar online. Search for the domain name you want to register to check if it's available. If the name isn't available, comparable alternatives are sometimes suggested.
  • TIP: Consider purchasing additional, similar names. In addition to .COM, consider buying .NET and .ORG, too. This helps direct traffic to your site.
  • Step 3: Register Register an account with your provider. This typically involves supplying contact and billing information.
  • Step 4: Purchase domain Purchase the domain name. Now you have successfully reserved an address that is memorable, short, and fits your site's content.
  • FACT: Did you know? There are about 110 million domains currently registered online.

You Will Need

  • A domain name
  • Internet access
  • Payment

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