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How to Pick the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

No matter what your shape is, follow this advice to make sure you strut your stuff with style.


  • Step 1: Take your measurements Measure around the largest part of your hips, the smallest part of your waist, and your inseam to approximate your size.
  • Step 2: Define your body type Define your body type. Knowing this will help you disguise your figure flaws. Some examples are pear-shaped, rectangle, and hourglass.
  • Step 3: Go shopping Try on many pairs of jeans from several designers with different styles and cuts.
  • TIP: Do not trust the size on the tag. One size will vary tremendously from one designer to another.
  • Step 4: Find the right cut Find the cut that best accentuates your positive features and disguises your flaws. For example, if you have a curvy figure, skinny jeans are probably not for you.
  • TIP: The cut of jean is not the same as the style. Cut refers to the shape of the pants and the waist position, back yolk design, pocket type, and leg type.
  • Step 5: Test the fit Pull the waist of the jeans up and bend down, then stand back up and walk around. Make sure the pockets lie flat, the top button or snap fastens easily, they do not wrinkle or fold, and your butt is not exposed when you sit or bend over.
  • TIP: If the jeans feel a little tight but are still comfortable, you have found the right pair.
  • Step 6: Alter the length Alter the length of the jeans to wear with your favorite shoes and you are ready for a night on the town.
  • FACT: Did you know? Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis began making copper-riveted blue jeans in San Francisco in 1873.

You Will Need

  • A tape measure
  • Knowledge of your body type
  • Time to try on several pairs of jeans
  • Alterations

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