How to Have Patience

Patience is the ability to tolerate delay, adversity, and provocation calmly and without complaint. It can be achieved with some help.

You will need

  • Awareness
  • Goals
  • Practice
  • Exercise (optional)

Step 1 Understand triggers Understand what triggers impatience in you. When you feel impatient, notice what happens just before you lose it.

Step 2 Counteract triggers Counteract your triggers with something calming such as counting to 10 or walking away.

Step 3 Visualize Visualize how you will act the next time you feel impatient. Practice what you will do and say.

Step 4 Set goals Set reasonable goals for yourself. Be patient for one hour and then, eventually, for longer periods of time.

Step 5 Practice breathing Practice deep breathing so you can calm yourself at any time. Take a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale slowly.

Step 6 Slow down Slow down and don’t expect things to happen immediately.