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How to Dress an Hourglass Figure

It's difficult to go wrong if you're shaped like an hourglass – bust and hip measurements that are fairly equal, and a waist that is 10 inches smaller than either – but here are some tips to make you lucky ladies stand out even more.


  • Step 1: Favor fabrics that cling to your curves, like jersey, cotton lycra, stretch denim, and charmeuse.
  • Step 2: Flaunt the fact that your waist is the smallest part of your body by wearing belted clothing, tops and dresses with cinched middles, and mid-waist jeans.
  • Step 3: Pick body-hugging styles like wraps, halters, and bias-cuts.
  • TIP: Be sure to pick a wrap that ties around the smallest part of your waist, which will further accent your shape.
  • Step 4: Complete your curves with pants that are flared at the bottom.
  • Step 5: Emphasize your shapely bottom half with pencil and A-line skirts.
  • Step 6: Avoid baggy clothing, which can make you look heavy. Besides, why would you want to hide your fabulous figure?
  • FACT: A study found that only 8 percent of American women have an hourglass figure.

You Will Need

  • Clingy fabrics
  • Belted clothing
  • Body-hugging styles
  • Flared pants
  • Pencil and A-line skirts

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