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How to Remedy Acid Reflux

Sick of that burning, persistent, acid sensation? With a couple of easy steps, you can put your stomach at ease and boost digestive health.


  • Step 1: Avoid fried foods Avoid fried foods, like French fries and onion rings, and foods that are high in acid, such as raw onions, garlic, hot peppers, and tomato sauce.
  • TIP: Bake instead of frying. It’s healthier, and more stomach-friendly.
  • Step 2: Minimize dairy Minimize your intake of dairy products. Lactose is a common cause of acid reflux. If you crave dairy, stick to low-fat products or try rice or soy alternatives like rice milk.
  • Step 3: Eat smaller meals Reduce your portion size.
  • Step 4: Drink water Drink lots of water. To neutralize stomach acids, add a pinch of cumin to each glass.
  • Step 5: Don't drink or smoke Don't drink or smoke. Alcohol and smoking exacerbate stomach problems.
  • Step 6: Allow time for digestion Allow two to three hours for digestion before going to bed.
  • TIP: Elevate your head six inches while sleeping. The gravity promotes better digestive function.
  • Step 7: Keep your weight in check Lose weight if you are overweight. There is a correlation between obesity and acid reflux.
  • Step 8: See a doctor If you experience frequent acid reflux, consult a doctor.
  • FACT: English chemist William Prout discovered that the human stomach contains hydrochloric acid in 1823.

You Will Need

  • A healthy diet
  • Water
  • Cumin
  • A healthy weight
  • A doctor

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