How to Write a Craigslist Ad

Would you like to sell that old baseball card collection? Need a job? Want to adopt a pet? Buy a sofa? Craigslist might just be the place for you.

You will need

  • Internet access

Step 1 Go to and select the region and category that suit your needs.

Step 2 Create a catchy title for your posting so your ad will stand out while giving readers an accurate impression of what they’ll find in it.

Step 3 Describe what you’re selling or looking for, the job you’re offering, or whatever you’re hoping to accomplish. Be creative and use humor.

Step 4 Set a fair price and include a photo if you’re selling an item.

Step 5 Select the auto-reply e-mail address so your personal e-mail address isn’t posted for spammers.

Step 6 Be careful not to violate any user guidelines. Check the “about” section to learn more about prohibited postings.

Step 7 Save the e-mail link after you’ve published your posting so that you can update, edit, or delete your ad.