How to Use a Squat Toilet

If you're thinking "Aren’t toilets the same all over the world?” you don’t know squat.

You will need

  • Strong thighs
  • An ability to hold your breath
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer gel

Step 1 Know what you're getting into If you’re traveling internationally, be prepared to encounter a non-Western, or squat, toilet. It’s usually a stall with a hole in the ground that may or may not have a flushing mechanism.

Step 2 Don't expect privacy Don’t expect privacy. Public restroom stalls might only have two-foot-high walls and no doors.

Step 3 Bring toilet paper Bring your own toilet paper. It’s often not provided in public restrooms.

Step 4 Practice your squat To strengthen your legs and prepare yourself for the real thing, practice your squat. This will also help boost your confidence.

Step 5 Position your feet Position your feet on the foot grids on either side of the sunken toilet.

Step 6 Drop and squat Drop your drawers and squat as close to the opening as possible for accurate aim.

Step 7 Dispose of toilet paper When you finish your business, dispose of your toilet paper in the receptacle placed behind you for that purpose.

Step 8 Flush If you’re in a restroom with flushing toilets, hit the button on the wall.

Step 9 Wash your hands Use your hand sanitizer and remind yourself that travel is all about broadening your horizons.